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27 February 2007


70 yr old exGI

Where was Hanoi Jane during the ceremony? 40 years ago she would have been right there along with her cronies spitting on the GI's.
Good to see "Snake" got his medal

Hazel P Hinton

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!. This is a well
deserved honor for someone long overdue. Your heroic actions during that campaign, was very impressive. Although, the heroes of this conflict are resting in peace, your resilience to continue flying under adverse
conditions, earns you the right to be awarded the most prestigious award for heroes. Again, basked in the honor of this award because you certainly earned.


This past week I had the privelege of hearing Lt. Col Crandall and his wife speak. What a gracious man and incredible American! I would follow him into hell tomorrow mainly because what I took from his speach was not bravado but loyalty and dedication. At 75 years old he ended his presentation by respecting his wife of 52 years and saying that if any of us in uniform had to go down range and fight the enemy to call him... He would go with us. This man and his wife are true American Heros and dont any of you EVER forget that!!! After 22 years in the US Navy, tomorrow I will put on my uniform and go to my appointed place of duty to ensure I support and defend my country and defend the honor of men like Lt. Col Bruce Crandall!
Very Respectfully,
LT Carl O.

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