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08 June 2007


Stryker Army Wife

This is by far the best Article you have written over the 11.5 months. This brought tears to my eyes. We are supporting you... Thank you for your very open and honest words. I wish I had something better to offer you...

another stryker mom

David,my heart goes out to each and everyone of you.You go thru so much over there,we could only imagine,and to have troubles at home is so disturbing.I cried when I read this column,my son is still over there,and I can only pray that his wife will never do that to him.My prayers and thoughts go to each and everyone of you,because to me all of you feel like my boys.God be with you all another stryker mom who cares


Like Stryker Army wife said the best article, I know is the reality of many, the only thing that I can say is, we support you guys, we love you and we pray for your safe return and there will be women's who will respect you and love you and support you after Iraq, hang there, be safe and take one day at it time.
Proud dad of a brave stryker!
God bless you and God bless your sacrifice and service for this country.

April Lopez

I cannot agree more with your statements on families breaking up because of the spouse left behind being selfish. I agree with strykerarmywife that this is one of the best articles you have written-keep them coming and sharing what is truly on your mind outside of combat...well done!

Lois Husted

Very good article david, keep the faith and know that there are people who do care about all of you over there and god bless you all.

army wife

Wow. Much like your other articles this put it in perspective for me, but this one was especially moving. I really liked where you put their words in quotes. Thank you so much for all you do. In many ways you are that missing link where words would otherwise go unsaid, which can be so damaging at times. Saying what they can't always put into words is such an invaluable tool. Please continue to give our guys a voice. My heart goes out to all of you.


I agree with the above comment. A most excellent article and a very sad fact that after 5 years in Iraq it is taking a mental toll on you guys over there. We hear so much about soldiers losing life and limb but the quiet devastation of one's spirit everyday is tougher to see. We support all you guys and try not listen to the BS politicians. 90% of americans are thinking of you guys everyday and praying that you get to all come home safe and sound

Cathy B

Have been reading this site for a while.
Thanks for your insight and for the job all of you are doing.
The stress issue along with TBI will emerge as primary problems from this war. (Not forgetting or minimizing amputees, burn patients and others with disfiguring wounds). I've read where there were some sites in the United States that provided unconventional, non-traditional methods of treating PTSD. Our government/military, at this point,does not recognize these methods as a way to heal deep wounds to the soul and spirit. Throwing prescription after prescription for treatment of symptoms is not the answer.
Other cultures throughout history have understood and provided the healing time and treatment necessary for their warriors to return to post-war life. In our advanced, high tech society, we just can't seem to get it right.
As a health care provider for many years, I worry about these men and women returning home and struggling to mentally survive each day, trying to act "normal" in the workplace and at home, thus increasing their burden. I've read so much about the 'double edged sword'-if you admit PTSD, you become labelled and caught in the nightmare of the VA treatment mill. Therefore, don't admit to PTSD, lie about the nightmares and depression and attempt to deal with it on your own. Our country must do more. Cathy B


That is really a wonderful and insightful article.
All of ya'll are heros.

You guys got it right about how these divorces and drama should have been handled.

The fact is a lot of people do not have common decency and honor like our soldiers do. It is just too bad the children have to suffer as well as our soldiers.

Personally, I am glad I am not around the spouses whom do this cuz I would probably let them know how disgusting their behavior is to me. It is beyond disgrace as a human being to do this to a man or woman whom is doing what our soldiers are.


Great article.
I have so much admiration for how ya'll attempt to cope with everything there in so many ways.

Personally, the wives whom do not even have the decency to treat our soldiers and their children with respect should be sent to a middle Eastern country to see how good they got it.

Actually, the spouses whom do this to a soldier should betreated as we would treat a terrorist.
Bottom of the barrel.


This was a very good article that you wrote. During these 11.5 mos i knew that my husband had symptoms of combat stress , and by reading this it made me feel like i could now relate to him some how. This was a heartfelt article and it also brought tears to my eyes. Our prayers are with you and all the men and women who are overseas. God bless you and thank you for this article.

Stryker Mom

Thanks for giving some insight on this - I am trying to keep in touch with what my son, who is just 18, might be going through. Everyone here I talk to has nothing but respect and concern for every one of you folks serving. This war is painful for the whole country and we thank you for being there. Hang in there!


Very good column. More than any other segment of American society, soldiers have to deal with introspection, certainly in a different way.
The startling thing is in realizing you are not the person you were before. The really startling thing is realizing you don't know who you were before.

Dee Schaffer

Thank you...very much.

Dana's Mom 4/9 IN 4/2 (SBCT)

Thank you. A VERY important article about a very important issue.


Dave this is the best. Your have given us something to think about and my prayers are with you daily. A very proud MOM JK


Thank you for your sharing. I'm touched. I'm here & getting ready for my hero man's return. I'll be trying my best to understand & support after his 15 months deployment. Although there maybe something out of our controls, may God bless our relationship. He's still occupying a big portion in my heart. He's my hero, my man. I'm not leaving him (if he doesn't dump me =D).


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