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04 September 2006



Why are you releasing the soldiers name before official DOD release? This is not fair to the family!

Soldiers Wife

I agree with you Anon. Do they not have to follow protocol because they are so called "special". I think that it is completely wrong posting the soldiers name before the DOD releases it. But then again hes media which most of the time is the soldiers worst enemy. All the media ever cares about is being able to say they are the one that broke the story first. Its a sad sad world!

Sabrina Bual

I am glad to see you are over there telling the soldiers side of what actually happens and with truth not media spin. As always I love reading your posts. Keep up the good work you do.
To those who would be upset with the premature release of the soldiers name: accidents happen, this particular "reporter" is on the soldiers side, if you don't believe me read all his work, he would never post anything that would hurt the soldiers we all love so much. He is over there to tell their stories and not to just make a name for himself. He is a respected and respectful man who has also served our country and now is trying to give the soldiers who are away from their families a true voice with the good not the bad of war.

reporter's wife

No, breaking a story is not all reporters care about. First of all, the soldier's family has been notified, there is a communication blackout observed for that purpose. Secondly, my husband has given up his vacation time to be there with the soldiers, doing what they do. He has endured being shot at, immense heat, bad food, mortar attacks, sleepless nights and working his tail off to, as he calls it, "tell the soldier's story". Writing about what these brave men and women accomplish in Iraq is paramount to him. Many of you have said you want to know what is happening with your husbands, well JM Simpson is risking life and limb to tell you.

Stryker Soldier's Wife

I have to say I agree with both sides. I have been following Simpsons work and it is quite apparent that he cares about the soldiers.

On the flip side eventhough the family has been notified it is customary to give the family some time before the name is released to the public. If one of the local news staions came across the article that was posted lastnight in full the families would of been bombarded.

Keep up the good work, I believe its an honest mistake and mistakes will be made!


The family was notified several days before this went out. The family has even emailed all over searching for the soldiers who were with their son when he died. I have known for several days about this. Sometimes the DOD is slow. May god be with them now and all the others still in Iraq. which includesmy son, my baby boy and my hero.


I knew Rich myself and what a great man and father he was. Many a time he would simg to us his crazy little songs that he would write. To his family...thank you for the opportunity to meet such a great person. To his daughter which I will not say her name, I know it doesnt mean much right now but your daddy is a hero. I will never forget him. To the reporters wife, I know it must be hard as I had a husband there myself but how can you comment on others feeling when yours is still alive. Think before you speak.


I am just curious why when a soldier dies the number killed has to accompany it. It's like someone is trying to keep score. I just lost my brother a few days ago and they did the same thing when they wrote about him. The amount of hero's that we loose each day is shameful, and brings little solice to the family - please stop doing this - they're not a number to be kept score with.

rattlesnake mac

I only come to prase SFC Henkes,standing in the sands of times I will recall this name but I will always remember the bell of freedom was rung by a hero . Thank you my Brother........


I rode with the Patriot Guard today in Portland, Or. as we escorted Sgt Henkes body from the airport to the funeral home. It was an emotional experience for all, and one I will not soon forget. Enough said here, the ride report is posted at


Oregon PGR Ride Captain

CPT Tackett

My thoughts and prayers goes out to the Henkes family, I had the priveledge of serving with SFC Henkes as his Platoon Leader at Ft. Lewis. He was truly a compassionate, caring and honorable man. I will miss you SFC Henkes
CPT Tackett

SGT Frank

I had the opportunity to work with SFC Henkes on the DMZ in Korea, he was a great leader, hard driven soldier, and friend. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family in this time of need and he will never be forgotten as a true hero.

SGT Frank

I had the opportunity to work with SFC Henkes on the DMZ in Korea, he was a great leader, hard driven soldier, and friend. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family in this time of need and he will never be forgotten as a true hero.

Jeff Roseman

I had the great pleasure as Rich's Squad Leader in Korea in 99-00. He lived right next door to me, and was a close friend, and an outstanding soldier. We later met back up in Ft. Lewis. My children called him uncle Rich, and he taught my daughter's to play guitar, which was his love. We would get together on the weekends and sings karaoke. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, and his beautiful daughter. He taught me as much as I ever taught him. He will always be in my heart and prayers, and never be forgotton.

Cassidy Richard

SFC Henkes was... im sorry... is my uncle. i dont see any problem with what this person did. by him writing this article i t allows people to see the truth of what goes on over there. and personally, it makess me feel content because i know people were there with him and that he didnt die alone. none of those men and women should die alone and i feel fortunate that so many people could be there with him. for a long time in richie's life, he didnt feel loved and i think in his last moments he felt more love than he has ever felt. so i commend the person who wrote this article. cassidy richard

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