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01 May 2008



Mr. Hardt
I have read this part over and over.I then had my co workers read it. Mr. Hardt- you are so talented. You should be a speech writer. I wasn't going to vote but after reading this I am- thank you from the bottom of my heart. God your wife should be proud to have a man write like you do.

"I know that many Americans think that over the years the political process has become diluted and brought false promises such as lower taxes, balanced budget, smaller federal government, and responsible foreign policy. To some, the constitution has become nothing more than an old document rather than a statement that represents who we are as a people. I know we all don’t agree with what is going on in this country, but the reality of the matter is if we all sit back and say, “Hell, what can I do about it?” then what we’re really doing is putting our future in someone else’s hands, and for me that just won’t work."

mindy williams

This was a well thought out article. I respect the fact that your go out and gather information and get the peoples view. From all the readings, I am sure that your life in journalism is a given. Ranger, you have a star, hope you can keep him when he leaves the Army. I know Army familes that love this guy.

Mindy williams and Family.

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