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10 July 2008



I was at the mud run and I finally had the chance to meet David. First thing I want say about this young man is that the way david talks really motivates you and makes you believe that there is a reason to fight for anything, even for the little things. During the run I noticed people reconized him and before you know it he had a good amount of people around him talking to him. This young man is so humble and really imformitive. The one comment that struck me with this young man, he said that doing photojournalism is really healing and when he takes pictures and sees smiles, he said he sees what his life was many years ago and it make going through everything easier.

I just want to tell the Ranger that I am so happy that you have taken this talented young man and are helping him. He did mention that the ranger is his medican. I hope everyone has a chance to met this man. He did mention that he is going to be at the next race doing the same thing. If you read this Mr Hardt, your very talent writer and you have made me start dealing with thing reather then letting them slide- thank you.
Cindy Windslow


I have had many MRI's, I always think this is what it must be like to be buried alive. It is a nerve wracking experience and holding completely still is hard as the devil.

They now make "open" MRI's that get the job done and are far more comfortable and not so suffocating. I like them better.

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